Liners can be embedded freely or joined to the bag also. There are distinctive kinds of liners for various applications.

  • Form Fit liners
  • Tubular Liners
  • Food-Grade Liners – These liners are uniquely made to keep sustenance new and free from tainting. They are delivered in a spotless room condition which utilizes just Sustenance and Medication Organization (FDA) – affirmed materials.

Conductive Liners (L1 liner) – For electrostatic applications, these liners are essential for securely transporting materials powerless to static develop.

  • Sort L1 Liner – Conductive film and polypropylene
  • Sort L2 Liner – Polyethylene film and Perpetual Against static film
  • Sort L3 Liner – Polyethylene film, L3 is likewise considered as antistatic liner